My rather boring life
2001-11-21 15:22:31 (UTC)

I think I'm upset

I'm eating like a pig right now. Pop Tarts, Corn Pops, hot
chocolate, mashed potatos. I must be upset. I ususallu only
eat like this when I'm upset. But I'm trying not to be
upset. It is Thanksgiving (or close to it) afterall. I have
so much to be thankful for.

Hyon hates me
My mom hates me
I hate myself
Everyone seems to hate me

Contrary to what my Vashy-pooh says, the world isn't full
of love and peace. Well, at least not my world. I can't
think of anything else to say. It's just the same thing
everyday. I'm upset this, I'm depressed that; I hate myself
this, I hate everyone that. I just can't win, can I? I'm
destined to never have a pleasant holiday vacation. Never
ever ever ever. Now I know why suicide rates are so high
this time of year.