There and back again
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2001-03-27 17:39:07 (UTC) almost over the.. almost over the bronchitis..thank so
tired of being sick. i want nothing more than to go home
and climb into bed. Of course, it would be nice if i HAD a
bed instead of an air mattress on the floor, but ill take
what i can get right now. I really should go home and put
the carpet in my room so i can get my bed set up, but im
supposed to go out with Katie and Melissa tonight. I guess
it can wait til tomorrow. I want a cigarette in the WORST
way. I had my last one 3/23/01 at 4:36PM....but who's
counting? This quitting thing isnt easy. Im ALMOST at the
point where i'd sell my mother for a drag. Every time i see
someone light up, it looks so good. I start rationalizing
it in my head. "one drag wont kill me" "ill smoke one
cigarette and get back on the wagon" yeah, right. If it
wasnt for kate, i'd be knee deep im empty cigarette packs
by now. I know i really need to do this but....DAMN i would
love a smoke right now. Im down to about 100 cravings a
day. some things just never fail to trigger a craving. A
big meal for instance, or having a beer, or after sex (oh
my god...thats definately the worst craving).

well back to work