between love and hate

there is a thin line
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2001-03-27 17:33:48 (UTC)

first day!!!!


I have been meanning to write a diary
for a long time so today is the first entry.
3/24/01 my husband left to go drive on a truck
with his brother,its been really quiete around
here for the past few days, i thought i would
like him being gone since we have not been
geeting a long well lately.he has a very nasty
temper and there have been a lot of pressures here
at home..............
see about 8 months ago i was in a car accident
thats when everything started to fall apart,or
better yet when we started having more problems
to add to the never ending list that we all ready
had. any way back to the accident ,it wasnt really
a bad one as far as the damage goes to my car only
around 1,700.00 to fix the front of my camaro, so
not to bad,the younge girl that hit me lost contr-
oll of her car and crossed over 2 lanes in front
of my car cutting me off,anyway i was hurt,messed
up my hip,the nerve that run through it ,it causes
my legg to give out on me and i loose muscle
controll so need less to say that is pain full
as hell legg just wont move .so back
in july is when this happedi started treatment
and was making no progress with it so the doc
sent me to a pain specialist and he started doing
injections in my hip,doc started this in oct
well 4 days after sugery this man runs through
an intersections and rear ends me so now i have
slipped ,torn disk, cracked vertabra and in more
pain than ever need less to say i cant work
and havent sense july. i was head of house hold
everything in my name and making around 40 a year
i know it doesnt sound like much but it is when
thats all you have and you pay all or most of the
bills, my husband has a small paintting business
but he stuggles to even get a pay check and the
help he has eats his money up so he by the time
he pays for everthing he needs to do the job
there is no money for him to help pay bills
so thats why he went on the truck ,to make a
steady pay check.things are tuff around here and
thank god we dont have any children.but ill do
the very best i can.doc sais i wont be able to
go to work any time soon.ahhhhh forgot to mention
that the company i worked for fired me because of
the accidents. they said the car accidents wernt a
vallid medical leave,so i no longer have ajob
thats what happens when you dont work for a
company that has a union. live and learn.but i
cant work right now anyway so .......enough
for today.

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