My Life
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2001-11-21 14:09:08 (UTC)

He made my day!

Terry made my day yesterday! We were talking on the phone
for awhile last night, he's out of town driving, he'll be
back home tomorrow. So we hang up and I go check my mail and
then I make some tea, because I'm getting a cold and not
feeling great. So I'm in the kitchen and the phone rings
again and it's Terry. He says, did you get my message? Well
I didn't look for any messages but what happened is he said
he called his parents after me and they were talking and mom
says, so, we were talking about Michele. (I'm thinking, oh
crap), so they ask him, we were wondering how old she is.
(Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!) So he says, well you tell me,
how old do you think she is. So she says, well doug thinks
she's 28 and I think she's 26! (OH MY GOD!) See, Terry is 31
and I'm 5 years older. I told him that all I really cared
about is what he thinks but that that sure did make my day!
I thought it was sweet of him to call and tell me. So i
said, so did you tell them how I old i really am and he was
kind of reluctant, he's like, well....ya. Like maybe he
shouldn't have. I said, oh, that's ok if you did.

I saw an old friend online last night and said hello. This
is someone i met online and i really thought he was nice and
cute and would have dated him but I don't think he was
interested. But i said hi and he started telling me how he's
been having a rough time, and he's had a lot of things
happening in his life lately. His attitude seemed
pessimistic, jaded, kind of down and I was concerned he
started drinking again, which I told him. He did not, thank
God. We got on the subject of the Alpha class I've been
taking and I invited him to be my guest at the next class. I
just felt that he needed some support and he seemed very
interested. So we'll see what happens, it's like I'm not
interested in him anymore but he'd be a good friend.

I really feel different since the healing service last
Sunday. I feel comforted. I feel loved.

On this Thanksgiving Day I'm missing my family in CA but I
am very grateful for all the blessings in my life. I hope
everyone can take another look at their life and find what's
important in life.