Cosmic Rain
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2001-11-21 13:45:52 (UTC)

The Dream...

My Dream Last Night.....when you already know things in
your own mind are strange, you just don't need it confirmed
quite so strongly...

"...I've got one of those tiny wittle Nokia 8250 phones
that light up with a blue screen and in the dream my screen
lights up and I'm "Oooh I have a msg"...So flip through the
buttons and reach my sms msg and inside the phone there is
a big fat mother of a moth flapping about. And I'm
saying "Bugger, how's that gonna get out without wrecking
my phone" As well as "Why did someone send me a moth msg??"
Ya know all those crazy things you think, cause sometimes
even in dreams the bloody weird things seem some what
logical. Ok maybe not, but sometimes.. Anyway, so I flip
through to my next msg and by this time my little phone has
expanded into a big one with a double plating of glass and
there be this even BIGGER mother of a mother ho moth giving
birth to little maggoty caterpillar squidge gut things..And
by now I'm freaking that now there's not a chance my phone
wont be wrecked, cause I'm saying "There all gonna turn
into big moths and simply just wreck my phone"..*gasp
horror*...So I ask my housemate if his Dad might be able to
take a look at it and see if he can fix my poor moth
infested phone that's giving birth to wittle moths...."

Anyway, that's the bizarro part of my dream last night..
Feel free anyone to translate that for me..Cause I wouldn't
even know where to begin and maybe I'm not game