Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-11-21 13:19:52 (UTC)

This morning...

It's 8 am, and i'm up.. I just cant seem to be able to
sleep anymore..

Last night someone hurted me, she was probably only
kidding about it. But she called me a player, she has no
idea on what i've been through in the past 2 years in my
relationships or on the way i am. I seem to be a victim for
all those girls that like to play males. You know, they
show interests in you, i start liking them... then...
BOUM... reality hits you in your face like a wall of
bricks.. Sucker you've been had... This happened way to
often and sadly always left me heartbroken.

Because of this, i know that i will never be a player.
What's the use of having such a tittle ? Sadly one of my
faults his that i am sweet.. maybe a bit too little.. In
High school i was popular, but almost never dated no one,
why.. Because i'd always get this answer... Marco i dont
want to loose your friendship by going out with you, your
just too sweet... Sure they might of just not wanted to go
with me for other reason but covered it up with this so
they wouldnt saddened me by it... but it just plainly

I am sorry for leaving soo fast last night, but... I was
angry by that little word... Player.... and i really didnt
want to here anymore about it. My life is tooo screwed up
at this moment to even have put more guilt or pressure on
my back.

Right now, i feel like i am holding the world on my back.
I am stressed and tired of living this way.. All i want to
do is work.. I love working, and i always put my 110% in
what i do... So why wouldnt someone give me another chance
at work... :(

Today i have to go to a meeeting that is giving out at
the governement building.. The meeting is like a work
seminar or something like it. In order to get some money
for Welfare i need to attend this. So at 1:30 i'll be there
most likely twirling my thumbs and thinking of what i'll do

I wish i could sleep some more... :( I need the rest...

(( Christy, if you read this.. I know you didnt mean what you said in
a bad way. So dont worry about it.. ))


Gravity can not be held responsible for people falling in

by: Albert Einstein