2001-11-21 10:20:22 (UTC)

The Genesis Of Melanochle

November 21st, 2am, Pacific Standard Time. . .

I have at last embarked on Melanochle.
Not that I knew what Melanochle was before today.
I knew the word, because it came out of my own mind a few
months ago, but I didn't know it would come to be the word I
will use for my life project.
Why should I limit myself to one medium when I worship so
Melanochle will be the screenplay I'm co-writing with Eric,
it will be the video that comes of it, it will be the
photographs, and it will be my poetry.
It will be everything I create, and it will somehow fit
together to be a complete SOMETHING, like me, more than the
sum of its parts.
Tonight I don't believe I will sleep. I've stayed up too
late already with school already; I have three hours before
my alarm goes off. May as well remain awake, and organize,
and think, and create.
Melanochle is mine; it's a crazy idea but at least I can
never fail at it.