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2001-11-21 09:32:08 (UTC)

hi there im a new person

hi there all this is my first ever diary and my gaols for
the diary is to see what i can do with and to see my own
creative genious.. i would also like to piont out to all
tose who read this that i sorta have my own ways to write
word that the usual way that thay are writen and i also
dont find the need to have punctuation........

Hi there my name is stephen i feel anoied life seems to
bring me to a piont were i want to just look at it and
say 'Why".... i dont know what im donin here for one thing
i feel im inportant more that most for some reason im not
try to sound better then anyone or mke me seem bigger then
what i am i just have a feel about something. i have a lot
of dreams some are good some are just scary .i find that
most of the time i cant stand poeple and im always scard
Fear... i hate it whats it for i mean if no one was a
afriad that would be no problums in the world if the bible
were true maybe thats what the fruit was ,fear. theres alot
about me i dont know and theres alot about i know and what
scares me that most is the stuff i dont know about me cause
every time i want find my self thinin about it it remind me
of a very very bad time in my life and its not like amother
diein or anything its more a dream more or less an ilusion .
the reason i wanted to write a diary is simple i think it
might help me relize thing and i wont let me lie to my self
and that will help me not find a need to lie to others
i have alot of problums with my relationship with my
ladie most have to do with trust happynes and fear theres a
lot of thing that i goin to say here about all that.
so that a few of the thing im goin to write about on
this dairy and i lave you all with it bye

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