Teen life . . .
2001-03-27 15:44:00 (UTC)

As if . . .

at school we are taking these dumb, work-keys tests, and
like we are ever gonna use them, i mean, i'm a senior in
highschool, and there is no point in taking them, it just
like the stupid senior prof.'s. well, anyhow, i have so
much on my mind but i'll add to this later. got to switch
classes. oh yippee, (yeah right!!!) so, like, back to my
sharing . . . and stacey this goes to you . . .

like over the weekend, i went out with k, and we went cruisin, and
then k brought this cup, it had cooking oil, and stacey, you can only
imagine what k was thinking, but again, we parked my car in a low
lighted spot and did some experimenting. . . which, i, just can not
stop thinking about the things that k said. i was talking to k, and i
said, "you do have to admit, this is addicting" and k said "yeah only
cause i don't have someone else right now" and threw me the biggest
curveball anyone could ever have, but, i guess only time can tell me
what to do, even though k is like the one i have waited for my whole
life!!!! is there just anything i can do? maybe maybe not, but i
will let k decide on what k wants to do and not what i want.