Teens Temper
2001-03-27 15:41:52 (UTC)

Dear diary! Made 18 years old..

Dear diary!
Made 18 years old this week end, but nothing more, just one
more day!today i missed my physics class to skip my test
and make some other day, but our teached must have red my
mind, and missed too!I'll make it thursday!
ok, starting!
My name is vitor azevedo, i live in portugal, i'm 18 and
love music. i play the guitar, the bass, drums and scratch
the piano.i love pavement, sonic youth, dEUS, soul
coughing, smashing pumpkins, etc.I'm going to be a
Something more u want to now, be free to ask.
also u can check my page ""!
***********'s and [[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]]]'s
listening to dEUS - instant street