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2001-11-21 06:33:26 (UTC)

2 Her

when i see u
u kinda hate me
i don't know why
when u tell me about that guy was liking u
suddenly i feel very bad
i just can make place for u in my heart

the time was go through fast
and i miss u on this vocation
sign u don't know how much i like u
and how deep of love of pain i got from u

i am blessing u and HIM will happy foever
if u was unhappy with me
u better like HIM
and stay with HIM

i best wish u can make place for me in your heart
if i know what happen when i tell u i like u
i will keep this secret forever
kez now u kinda hate me
i don't know reason why
i just hope i can see u everytime
i wanna hold this time
and i hope u will know
u are the most important in my heart

love uuuuuuu

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