lost in the dark
2001-11-21 05:14:51 (UTC)


Hey entry...

For once it was nice talking to family members. For me
talking to family is one of those highlights that don't
happen all that often. Well, this much talking anyways.
Called my Sister April and chatted to her for about 30
minutes. Funny things like always, Always a cheerful talk.
Even when things are not always that good, we laugh it off
to make each other more comfortable, or what ever the
Talked to my mother as well, and that is different,
because usaully get passed over to my Dad more times then
not. I can usaully tell her anything just because she is my
mother and knows when something is bothering me. *shrug*
Mothers know all (LOL). I even had a talk with my father,
and for the most part it was not about computers, and that
in itself is something specail.
The Highlight of the whole even must have been when I was
talking to my twin. This has been way to long without
talking to him. It felt good to actaully sit down and chit
chat with him on the phone. I got to hear his kids in the
back ground, Man I want to see thoughs kids. I am going to
be selvish on this one. I just really want to spend time
with my twin. I have not seen him for almost a year and a
half. Talked to him for almost 2 hours. Man, did i laugh
alot. I am not sure how in the world he can handle thoughs
kids. I know that I would have been going out of my mind
trying to look after kids. I even have a hard time looking
after my sisters kids when I get the chance to look after
them. All in all my brother is doing good. I just can't
believe sometimes the way the table turns. Everyone that I
know thought that I would have been the one to settle down
first and have the family out of the 2 of us. But, I am the
one that is going out and just having fun. Sometimes I have
to Envy my brother for what he has. I know that he is not
able to afford all that much because of the times. Just
think that I could have been in the same spot with him and
maybe have a family that I would have been able to share
with him as well. *shrug* I guess life goes like that
And just to put some sugar on top of the night. Brother
came over for Tea. It is always a pleasure to have him over
to have a chat. The idea of a trip with him and friends
sounds soo good. I saw in Brother's eyes that a trip like
this really means something to him. I would hate to
disappoint him with me not able to go with him and the
others on this trip. But, I already know that the money
that I would spend on this trip can go to other things.
Which means that I already know that I will not be able to
afford a trip like this. Does not matter how much I save
and try to scrap together, it just will not work. But, I
will try.

*hugs to you all*

Family is on the mind tonight as I go to sleep...

Lost in the Dark...