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2001-11-21 04:44:02 (UTC)

Break up with my love

Hey so anywayz, on Sunday 4th of November, my now ex
boyfriend told me that he "just wanted to be friends" well
u know how that works! He said that he needed time to work
out the problems at school like homework, and get caught up
in matrial arts and Work, witch I guess is understandable,
but DAMN I REALY loved him alot! I took the break up worse
than it was, I mean I cryed all that next week, I faught
with him, I tryed to get him to take me back, It was
horrible! But Then I finally decided if he wasnt going 2
take me back whats the point of trying? I mean I wanted to
say out of his way so he could do his work, so I backed off
for a while, My god that was HARD TO DO! I have 2 classes
with him, both witch I sit very close to him, and It hurt
for me to have to see him every day, especially when he
says he liked this one girl named Jackie... Ok so anywayz I
didnt think I could handle it. My friend Marie told me
this guy Apollo liked me, & I kinda liked him too. He
asked me to Winter Formal, witch is December 1st!, I said I
would go, becuase Emilio wouldnt go since we broke up. And
then I found out he liked me MORE then just a friend! He
wanted to go out with me, and Marie told me to ask him out,
well it had only been 2 weeks sice My last relationship
ended & I didnt know what to do, So I said with out
thinking, "Will you go out with me?" Of course He
answered "YES". It has been 1 week extacly today that we
have been going out, But I was feeling like crap, I mean, I
dont want a boyfriend! I have my life to live! I want to
make High School the best! So I told Apollo that I couldnt
really handle a boyfriend at this moment(its true! i cant
just forget about Emilio!) And I still wanted to be friends
with him.... He handled it better than I expected! I mean
he was like "I totaly understand!". That made me so damn
happy! and hes STILL going to go to Winter Formal with me
YAY! thats awesome becuase I love to dance & I still have a
date! Ok thats all that has happend up till now! So I'll
write soon again!

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