the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-11-21 04:33:54 (UTC)

i cant believe what i just found out

*im absolutely speechless

**i feel as if im being lied to

***i cant leave my house

**things have happened that i didnt know of until tonight

*i should have known

i dont know where to being other than to say that i just
figured everything out...and i do have A LOT to worry about
those of you who know me best know exactly what im talking
about...these things have proved me right in so many ways

to Megan--ill explain in detail ASAP

to Geoff--im disappointed your sister

to Josh--you should have just told me this isnt what you

and all in all im gone
to those who wish to come and find wont have to
look too hard you should know me well enough to know where
to look

good night and good bye to my companions
for a while