Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-11-21 04:13:22 (UTC)


Well... what can i say... Today was the same boring day
that's been going on in my life for months now. I am
stressed out and have no clue what my future lies for me. I
once had a great anticipation on life, work and getting a
family. But now.. i cant seem to find a simple job, this is
the city that i grew up in.. I love it in all my heart...
But sadly... it doesnt seem to love me as i might be pushed
away from it in order to survive.

Today i made dinner for me and my 2 roomates... I made
some spaghetti sauce and made some pasta for dinner.. It
was goood. :) Marco aint the best cook, but Marco can
suprise many when he sets himself to do something.

Marco is confused... He met this girl on the internet
called.. Christy... She is simply amazing, she is very
sweet, she is intelligent, she is very gorgeous... but she
is young... Very young...

Marco wishes sometimes that she'd know how much she means
to him, even though she doesn't realise it... Marco enjoys
talking to her on Icq or now... Aim... If Marco wins the
lotto... Then perhaps she will be is... But till then Marco
can only read what she writes on a screen, and try to be a
good friend towards her..


I wasn't kissing her,
I was whispering in her mouth.

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