2001-11-21 03:44:33 (UTC)

I worked all day and again..

I worked all day and again tonight, but all I really want
to do is sleep. My boyfriend is fixing my computer, but I
really hope he knows what he is doing. Becasue I have an
assignment due tomorrow.
I am so happy to talk to my mom everyday- since she is back
in Canada. It's so nice to hear her voice. I almost forget
all about the work I have to do for school. Cause really
when you look at the big picture, should I really kill my
health over school. Them where will I be. Its all about
family and good friends. I am excited about travelling but
I really worry about leaving J, he is truely my best
friend and lover. Plus I am leaving for longer then I
thought, hopefully we are strong enough to make it work
long distance. I am excited about ending my trip with my
mom and with other family.. man they are so far from me
now. It seemed like I would never get to that part of the
world. I hope J understands my need to see my mom and best
friends this summer. Well I know he will understand but
will it be okay, will he handle it. I hope I will, I
truely need him around, in a good way not in a
co-dependent. It would be interesting if my mother and W
come in Dec. and visit for a weekend and get to met J
parents. Or this might be a disaster, ha.
So my computer is fixed and I need to get to work. Wow J
is truely a good boyfriend. Oops- not just becasue he does
things for me but because he is so generous. I hope this
is not God playing a little evil trick on me, not like the
rest of my past. Well thats another story that needs to go
through art therapy. Or maybe Andy just needs to get what
he deserves. Hmm did I actual think that.