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2001-11-21 02:50:35 (UTC)

Tuesday, November 20, 2001 more frustration

As if things were not going bad enough, I went in to work
for 4 hours today after school and found out that because
of management having to cut back on everyone's hours so
much, I am only working 6 hours next week! 6! i am only
scheduled to work next Sat from 4-10. That sucks really
bad. I really really really need the money to pay for my
education. I was thinking about finding another job, but I
am also planning on moving in about 3 weeks, so that really
would not make any sense. I don't know what to do. I am
talking to my mom now and she understands how I am feeling.
I do have a job teaching 6th grade ESE tomorrow at the same
middle school I tought at yesterday. I am also scheduled to
work tomorrow night from 5 till closing. I thought about
trying to get someone else to cover for me since I have to
start working at the school at 7:45am. But after seeing how
few hours I am working next week, I better just suck it up
and deal with being tired. I really need the money. And I
really need some sleep, so I will go to bed now.

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