2001-11-21 02:47:37 (UTC)

online diaries *shivers*

ummmm...hello! i actually dont know WHY im starting one of
these online things...(boredom i suppose?)because i was
never exactly comfortable with the fact that public eyes
could read my own thoughts turned into words. here. typed
with my own fingers from my room. for the whole world to
behold. lol especially some certain ppl that i know w/
roaming eyes...grrr...(j/k) but i hope not to reveal TOO
many of my secrets that could possibly incriminate me.
that's the thing w/ these online things...u gotta watch what
you say. cuz who knows, somebody you know could be reading
this right at this very moment...finding out things about
you that they never ever knew, learning your
secrets and your innermost thoughts...heck...that's how i
found out about this in the first place!!! anyways, better
go for now...i'll save you the details about myself, or my
profile thing for my next entry...go me!