My problems.
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2001-11-21 02:36:06 (UTC)


Everyday is seeming to get more interesting in my life.
Today while thinking I realized something, something I
never realized before. Angela, Krissy, Stephanie and I
got in a car accident on September 24th. Angela and I
broke up on October 24th. Exactly one month after
tradgedy struck my life it did again. It's been almost a
month and yet, I am still not over her. If anything I like
her even more but it really hurts inside knowing she
doesn't feel the same way with the relationship we

One thing does piss me off a lot though... Whenever
Angela and I are having some fun Krissy has to ruin it in
some way, shape, or form. Like when I was playing
with Angela's hand in Economics Krissy told her
TWINKIE BOXER and immeditly she hid in the corner. I
don't exactly know why she does this crap but its
pissing me off cause she nows how I like Angela and
yet whenever I seem remotely happy with Angela she
has to somehow ruin the moment.

Today was a really fun day. I actually went swimming
and got commended on how well I did in water
basketball. My team lost the first game but dominated
the second. Then the day was boring until after school.

Angela and i hung out for a bit. We were down in the
lunch room when she said she wanted to goto the gym,
so I decided I would go wit her. So she jumped on my
back and we went for a ride all the way down there. And
low and behold she didn't want anything lol. So shes
still on my back and we go back to the lunch room.
What a ride. So much fun. Seriously, you'll never know.
Just like old times.

So then we went upstairs and nothin happened up
there so we all went outside. Cold. So I hung wit
Angela for a bit and she got on my back again and I
jumped on the stool thing and she was taller then heck
for a few minutes then I jumped down.. hehe... then
she told me to hold her a different way and I did but my
arms got weak and I slowly dropped her. =/.

I little while later she stole some kids hacky sack and
came to me and I protected her lol. It was a really nice
moment and I liked holding her in my arms. It was
nice. I don't know if she felt the same way but I felt
really happy. Then she left and I was there with
everyone else.

We played some violent hack and stuff, nothing to
exciting. I couldn't get a hold of my parents for a little
while so I was the LAST person to leave the school. So
much fun.

So now I have the rest of the week off from school and
absolutely nothing to do. I will problably work at my
store tommarow to finish it and then we will take the
rest of the week off and stay home. I should clean my
room and i will problably think about more dumb stuff
as usual.

Today I was told something... Something I never
thought of. Stepahine, Angela's sister, told me I don't
seem like the boyfriend type. i seem like the friend type.
It's not fair. Not fair at all. Why do I have to seem this
way? I dunno...

Why does it seem like songs can explain what you feel
sometimes? A lot of the songs I like explain how i feel. The one
that explains my life right now is an unexpected one... A NYSNC
song if u can believe that. The lyrics are in the previous entry..
the song is Falling. Enjoy.