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2001-11-21 02:35:35 (UTC)

Unexpected Trip

The morning and early afternoon was filled with baking. I
made two pumpkin pies, date bars and finally a double recipe
of chocolate chip cookies. I started making the lassagna
around 2p.m. and was done about an hour later. In between
times I did assorted dibs and dabs of housework which needed
to get finished up.

John said he needed to go to Corvallis today to move some
money into an account so we left for town at about 3:30 p.m.
He went to the first bank, which was uneventful. I waited
in the car. I waited in the car while he went to the second
bank, to deposit the check, but for some reason it took him
a long time. It was towards the end of the banking day but
I wondered how busy could they be? Well, plenty as it turns
out. John told me when he came back that there were at least
a hundred Hispanics in the bank trying to cash their
paychecks. Most averaged around $1,000. Not only
couldn't many speak English, but strangly many didn't have
any identification at all, much less any photo
identification. The bank tellers seemed overwhelmed and
unprepared. It must have been the first time they'd tried
to cash their checks because it would only take one time to
find out that banks do not cash checks for someone who has
no identification whatsoever. The teller seemed very happy
to see John; he was trying to put money IN, not take any

I had come along for the ride because I thought I could pick
up my reserved library books this evening instead of
tomorrow when I have to go to Corvallis to get Owen. There
was several books in: In a Strange City by Linda Lippman,
Tony Hillerman's Seldom Disappointed (his autobiography),
and The Goldsmith's Daughter by Kate Sedley as well as a
couple of quilt books. I'm hoping that more of my reserved
books become available in the next few days as I'll have to
go back once again to Corvallis on Sunday afternoon to bring
Owen back to his dorm.

It's a windy, wet night so it's perfect to snuggle down in
bed with some quilts and a cat--or two--and read.

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