Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-21 02:28:45 (UTC)

Spin Monkey

Hey everyone
Sup ? not much !!! today was a total blast !!!! Ok it was
a half day so Kati, Nicole and I went to the
mall !!!!! :)! 6 hours!!! yippie ! That really wasn't that
long !!!!! but anyways it was super kickin !! Omg ! Ok we
were going to sit down for lunch and kati and Nicole were
ahead of me and I shouted up something about how there
werent any booths and these two guys sitting at this table
I was walking by go ' hey you can sit here' and the other
guy goes ' shes got a nice ass' and I was like OMG !
pervs ! So I stopped walked back two steps set down my tray
leaned in and said ' excuse me how old are you ?' and they
go '23 ' and I was like ' ok well what you said was sexual
assult. would you care to say it again ?!' and they were
like 'no' and I was like 'didn't think so ' !!! it was so
funny ! I so wanted to kill them ! then We went and bought
me this shirt! LOL ! Its so freaking funny ! Ok it has
curious George on it and it says 'spin monkey.' and he is
on a record player spinning !! LOL ! its so funny !!!!!
haha ! and He WAS a good lil monkey always very curious !
LOL ! haha ! ok and then we went and bought lil crowns !
LOL ! we got them in clairs!!!! haha ! we wore them
around !!! LoL ! fun stuff ! Where are your shoes ??
everything you touch falls down ! Whats up with the
crowns!!!! LOL !!!! omg way to much sugar! and pose and
pose and switch and last one!!!!!! LOL !!!! cause Im a
tuuuurrrrtllllleeeeee ! haha! wow !!!!!!!! haha ! I got so
much stuff at the mall !!!! haha ! turn around , no not
that way , not that way either ! gowsh this way ! LOL ! wow
so anyways ! Red is on my AOL screen name ! Grrrr! you
little ummmm urg goober !!!!! LOl wow haven't said that in
a while !!haha ! oh no he is talking to hui ! I don't want
to know what he is telling him ! OMG his mom bought that
awesome milk stuff and oh yummmmmm the chocolate cake
stuff ! urg! I am so green wit envy!!!! haha! Ok well I
gotta jet !