Pandora's Book
2001-11-21 02:18:28 (UTC)

Who do you love?

November 20, 01

Well, I was walking in the school hall today and I met up
with Josh- at first I kind of ignored him uncomfortably but
then he started talking to me. Who am I kidding? I still
like him. WHY? The guys I would like to date the most
(besides Scott Moffatt) are Darrell, Josh, Chris and John.
But who am I kidding- I dont stand a chnace :( Darrell lives
3 hours away, Josh and I dont talk very much anymore, I
barely ever talk to Chris and John likes Bronwyn I dont see
him very much (when I do he is always really nice though).

Well, the new imac is coming 2morrow- yay! New puter, new
puter! I hate this one.

I did really well on my Calculus test- the one I cried to
Mrs. Graff about. haha! My best test so far this year in
calc! yay!

Im sick of work- its not very stimulating. Im starting to
slack off too :( As Chris said- if you get min. wage then
the employer should expect min. effort. Is that true?