Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-03-27 07:44:58 (UTC)

Ok I had a nag mail so i though..

Ok I had a nag mail so i though I better write in here.

I have had a pants weekend. It's the first weekend since
November I haven't worked and it was crap. I went to
Challaborough with my family, none of my friends were down
there and it was empty, and being shut up in a caravan with
them isn't good. We argued all the way there and all the
way back and had a rubbish time. The only thing that
slightly cheered me up was seeing the signs still up in
Chris's old van "Tiger club" and "Rorys sex shack" still
graced Jons door!!! Oh and finding a dress in the sale for
£2.99 was great too!!!!

Anyway, best go