Cheese Freak

The Cheesy Scoop
2001-11-21 01:32:39 (UTC)

It's been awhile...

Well I haven't written on here in months. Mainly because
I've been happily writing to my account.
Unfortunately, Livejournal has issues...technical server
issues more often than not and lately - well lately I
haven't been able to fulfill my online journaling needs.

Items of importance...

my basement is in the process of filling up with rainwater.
I will go down there this evening with a vaccuum and suck
up the water. I still have yet to patch the wall where the
water is leaking in from...SILLY ME.

I will make a valiant attempt to clean my room and
rearrange it to promote healthy feng shui situations TODAY.
Actually TONIGHT to be technical.

I am ferret sitting for the holidays. I will be watching
Lady friend's two ferrets and YourMom's deaf ferret for the
next week or so. I'm kinda bummed everyone seems to be
leaving town for turkey day except me. Everyone being
YourMom and Lady Friend. My bud Wexmonkey also headed off
to the Eastern parts of US to visit his family for turkey

Well I'm off for my feng shui project.