It's Hot in Here...
2001-11-21 01:31:13 (UTC)

Passion and love...

It seems to me that I have a defect. I think it's the
always wanting more problem. Like people who say, if I
just get that Mustang, then I'll never want another
car...And then when they get the Mustang, all they want is
an Audi...And so on and so on and it never stops...Well I
seem to be that way with love...I have an amazing love;
it's passionate, it's caring, it's reciprocal, it's
trusting, really it's great, but for some reason I always
want more...I want to have the fairy tale all consuming, on
fire with passion and desire kind of love...The kind where
you can't sleep at night the desire is so great...I know
this sounds a bit ridiculous, but I want a love that
completely overwhelms me...The funny thing is, I'm not even
sure that kind of love exists...I know I have that desire
in my heart...I wonder if that's just a yearning to be near
God manifesting itself in a very wierd way...A lot of
people say that since we are created by God and then
separated from Him, we have an inexplicable longing and a
yearning...a feeling so strong it almost hurts, which would
fit...Hmmmmm....very interesting...I think it's hillarious
how I always manage to turn everything back around to a God
thing...but I guess that's a good thing too!!!