lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-11-21 01:01:32 (UTC)

in touch with...something

ahh since my big trouble day on sunday, i've had a chance
to talk to myself and God a lot, and somehow i feel
really...i don't know. but like i wrote a song, attempted
to pick out the chords to it on my guitar (and failed),
wrote a humongo journal entry (in my reeeeal journal, that
is. some things have to stay secret!), i feel
like i am reconnected to something or I DON'T KNOW!! ahh
never mind.

oh yeah- there's this really cool song on the superchic[k]
cd, called "help me out God" and it sounds like a
cheesy title but it's a cool song & i like it, so you get
to eat some of the lyrics.
help me out God, i need a little something
turn the brights on, i can't see where we're going
cuz i don't know when things will work out just fine
or if this road we're on leads us up or is leading me down
to my wishing well where i might drown
cause i can't swim without you God

help me out God, i need a little something
hold my hand so i know i'm not falling down
or spinning 'round or am i really just fine
is this vertigo i feel just simply fear or maybe real?
it's a long way down and i might fall
cause i can't stand without you God

help me out God, i need a little something
just enough so i don't lose hope before morning comes
cause in the sun things'll work out just fine
but this night's been extra long, i fear i won't make it
to the dawn cause the night is dark and i might doubt
cause i can't hope without you God

mmm hmm i like that song. ah yes today was pretty good
except for the chem test from heck. aaaaaahhh! but now i
only have 4 hours of school tomorrow and then i get to come
home to clean for houuuurrrrsss. yeah. and thursday
should be great fun...the looses are always great. but
it's so hectic & stuff having 13 people in your house, i
tell ya. and i hate it cuz i can already anticipate the
questions from my grandparents (the pair, that is. my
other grandma knows where it's at and she even tries to
shut up my little grandma sometimes which is hilarious).
but here's what i can expect: "how's school? why aren't
you playing soccer? will you sing something for us?
aren't you dating by now? my, that philip gets taller
every year, doesn't he? what's that italian girl's name
again? the one who has the band?" (that's from my short

from my grandpa i can expect: "made anything outta wood
lately? taken any good pictures? can i check my email?"

and then my tall grandma and isabel will step in and make
things fun. evvvvvvvery holiday has been like this for
goodness knows how long. but i'm used to it. bring it on.