Lost Slut
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2001-11-21 00:57:06 (UTC)


wow what a mistress has been working with me on
breaking a bad habit...masterbating 3 to 5 times a
she has me down to once in nine days..god i thought my
balls would explode...last night my mistress had me spank
my own ass 20x each cheek..i am afraid to say what i was
wearing..but i have no choice..i was in a girls sleep nipples were very tender..i was made to stop and
go..for more than a half hour....i begged to cum..i vowed
that i would do any you know what its like to
bring your self to the point were nothing matters..your
pride is gone..your fear is would do
anything..your soo focused ..your only thought going
through your mind is your pleasure...when my balls finaly were able
to release..i saw my feture life pass before my mistress has
very strong thoughts were my training..should go..i fear that my mind
is going futher and futher deeper into that of a total sub....soon i
will be lost..well the old me..the selfish me..the one who bent girls
over and used them for my selfish pleaseures..used the new
me i think will be in line for that same fate,,to be used..later