The Writings of Me
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2001-11-21 00:53:13 (UTC)


So glad its Tuesday. I thought today, the last day of school before
Thanksgiving break, would never come. It was a pretty profitable day.
I got most of my school work finished, and did a little bit of

Kari came over for practice before quilt class started this
afternoon. We only got to practice a little bit because people came
so early. We need a lot of help! We've only practice twice, and the
talent show is next Friday! The 30th is creeping up so fast, I don't
know what to do with the days, and how to make them last.

Learned a lot in quilt class today, but it was not one of the more
enjoyable classes. A lady came and talked about hand quilting. She is
very good at quilting. Everything she makes is made with patterns and
prints from the civil war era. Her work is beatiful, but hand
quilting is not for me. Its too tideous. I had to draw and cut all my
piecies out by hand, and make templates for them. I like using my
sewing machine. Its a lot more fun, and I can use the rotary cutter
: - ). A rotary cutter can be hard to use a first, but I got used to
it after a while.

I finished my Bible study for the semester today. Perfect timing. I
learned about being a servant to God and giving my whole life to Him.
I've been trying to do that every day: having devotional studies in
the mornings, and trying to pray consistantly during the day for God
to give me strength. I love the Lord, and I truly want Him to have my
life. My favorite hymn is He Leadeth Me. It describes what I go
through every day in my spiritual walk. He leadeth me, but I don't
always follow, He offers his strong hand, but I don't always take it.
I guess in a sense that is what I am learning to do now. Follow Him
like sheep follow their shepard ever so faithfully, and do his every
bidding. I pray that He will strengthen me to do that every day.