What's up now?
2001-11-21 00:40:24 (UTC)

Swish Swish....

The week from hell has FINALLY ended....well I mean I have
a quiz left for tomorrow, but thats nothing compared to the
week I have already had!! The papers were hell...but there
done so enough bitching!!! Tomorrow I leave to go
home...sort of...I get to leave school, so thats close
enough. And I get lots of good food so I really can not
wait!!! woo hooo!!! And hopefully Friday I will get to
see my friends from home, and of course I get to see
Brian...I soo can't wait :) yea!! And I really miss my
family, so I'm excited to see them...ahhhh!!! I have a tad
of homework to do before I leave, and I have to do a
thourough cleaning before I go, but at 1ish tomorrow I'll
be gone!! YEA!!!! Happy Thanksgiving :) Love you all!