Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-21 00:01:16 (UTC)

"Tales of the Not Too Distant Future" - Cont

-November 1990, cont.

Dragane: Now listen to me, you obsequious little thing. I
need a queen, a woman far above other women. She must not
faint at the mere jingling of coins, nor must she salivate
when you mention the words "riches exceeding your wildest

Servant: (rising from the floor with a very perplexed
look) But your majesty, such a woman is very hard to find,
especially in this day and age.

Dragane: I don't care! That is your problem. Now go,
before I have you reduced to one-third my height!

(exit the servant. Dragane again looks out through the

Dragane: A wife, a queen, that is what I need. At least
for now anyway. Hey, the night's clear again. What
happened to the grayness? (studies the night for a moment
and then paces around the room) Servant. Servant! Come
here you little dwarf!

Servant: (runs in from the left) Yes, your brightness.
(falls on his knees with head bowed down)

Dragane: Find that mysterious traveler that came in this
morning. What was his name? Zamfir? Zamfur? Zamferd?
Zamford? Greyarth! Yes, yes, that was his name. He
mentioned a play he would like to put on stage for me. Go
to him and tell him to get it ready, now.

Servant: Right away, your blazing nobleness.

Dragane: Wait, haven't you forgotten something?

Servant: Of course, must have slipped my mind, your
brilliant loftiness. (crawls towards Dragane's feet and
hesitantly kisses his feet)

Dragane: Tell me, you, what do you feel about my whim to
have all my slaves shrunken to half my height? Isn't it
much easier now to bow and kiss my feet at the same time?

Servant: Why, yes, tis much easier, your beaming royalness.

Dragane: As I thought. (waits a while) You may go now.

(servant exits)

Dragane: Ugh! I wonder if all my servants have such flat
characters. (paces around once again) Servant. Servant!
Come here you little dwarf! Geez!

Servant: (saunters in from the left) Yeah?

Dragane: You, escort me to the Royal Theater, now!

Servant: Yeah, yeah, just follow me.

Dragane: Be careful, servant, you are in the presence of
your king. Now, you wouldn't want to be reduced to one-
third my height, would you?

Servant: No, no, of course not, sir. Right this way, my
king, right this way. (exits)

Dragane: Hey, I guess such flat characters are necessary
in my kingdom. (follows servant out)