My So-Called Life
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2001-11-20 23:38:16 (UTC)

im lonley

ok, so ive know my best friend alaina for about 8 yrs and
we've shared hard times, and laughter, but the bitch isnt
satisfyed with public schools so she decided to go to
suffield academy, when she was talking about applying last
year, i know it sounds selfish, but i was hoping she
wouldnt get accepted. my whole world revolves around her, i
dont know if i could go on if we stopped being friends or
if at her new school she found a replacement for me. god
im so lonley, i need a man, and not just someone for sex,
someone to give me the attention and affection that i need
and desire, being in love is so beautiful, too bad i dont
know what it feels like, i envy all the "happy couples"
hell, i envy all the happy people, alright i feel better
now, bye

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