my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-20 22:55:06 (UTC)


today was a good day, itwas alright actually.
My one friend is just retarded can you act anymore like a
retard how old are we....oh yeah 18 not 5! we dont talk
baby talk and we definently dont sing and dance like a
retard when the boys are around! It's just embarrasing and
i'm started to just wantto punch her in the face when she
talks..that's really mean but i cant help it.
and today Sarah said she was talking to Nathan and he said
he was going ot try for me which is really really funny
because he is the biggest loser, well he is really funny
because of the stupid things he says. but at least when he
said it he said he was raising his standards first and that
is impressive!I'm a little more than a clit to him