Princesse Lizzie
2001-11-20 22:25:02 (UTC)

being a senior

today was a pretty uneventful day. i went to school, and
then came home...interesting huh? the only interesting fact
about me and school is that I am currently a senior. i am
going through the process of fun fun college applications.
i think it is so stupid that everyone goes! i dont even
know what i want to do with my life and at 17 theyre asking
me to plan the rest of my life does that make
sense? anyway. that is another long story. but after
handing in my last application i really thought about
something. For 17 years, I have gone to the same school,
lived in the same town, and had the same friends. A year
form now, I am going to be living with someone i never met
before, have all new friends, and not see the familiar
faces i have been acustomed to. part of me is really
looking forward to it, the other part is really nervous
about the life changing decision. i guess either way it
will be fun. tomorrow is the last day of school before the
break for thanksgiving...oh i guess i havent told you that
whole ordeal huh? every year for as long as i can remember
i have gone to connecticut to my aunt and uncles house, but
this year, since my dad and i are not speaking...ive
decided to do something differently. im volunteering at the
community church in my town to help serve a thanksgiving
dinner for battered women and childrens shelter. and the
boy that ive vented about has invited me for thanksgiving
dinner because i will be alone...hopefully that will all
work out...peace