The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-20 22:01:58 (UTC)

October 8th, 2001 ( Graces Birthday )

Today is Graces Birthday. Happy B-Day Gracie... Im not
sure if its exactly the 8th, but its arround there. Well
Grace came down on Columbus Day to chill andblaze.
Christine, Erin, GRace, and I had went and ot a 20 from
Robert. After that we went to the old Food Town to blaze.
We went inside and smoked got really high and then just
chilled.. It was kool, Case when I first met Grace I really
didnt like pay any attention to her or Chrisine until I
really got to know them in like September that year of 2000.
After a while we got to really know eachother and then our
friend ship twisted. And thaats the only reason why we are
such great friends now. Just to let you know Grace.. You 1
of the bestest friends that I have, besides Chrisitne and
now Erin. I appreciate yur friendship soo much and hope to
never lose you or your friendship. And i will come to
Belleville to visit you dont worry. I love you Gracie
thanks for helping me with My problems about Luke... Happy
B-days 4vr......