Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
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2001-11-20 22:01:05 (UTC)

Hey today was a good day Woo-hoo!

Mood: Cupid has struck again.

Oh my, thank you Lord. I've met someone wonderful. His name
will be remain anonymous for now, so let's call him, Michael.
(This is acually an injustice because he has a beautiful

Things I know about him:

1 He's homeschooled but he came to our school because his
House is being painted (Our school is full of homeschoolers
so it's not weird)

2. He's got a sister who's probably my age.

3. I'm guessing he's less than 18 yr. old.

4. Short brown hair, olive-tan skin, 6'2 (eight in. taller
than me) Beautiful brown eyes (omg) Nice smile.

5. Likes Basketball (what guy doesn't)

6. He dresses nicely unlike some other past crushes.

I don't know if he likes me, all I know is he's gorgeous.
It's funny now to look at D because compared to him, Michael
Is a GOD. He is so cute I just wanted to leap from my chair
and tackle him. If I only knew how old he was I'd try to
flirt with him, cause if he's 16 or younger then I wouldn't
feel very intimidated. It just all depends on if he likes me
too. I can't read guys very well so I can't tell. I mean
how am I supposed to know if a guy likes me or not? Well if
he's 17 then he defiantly won't. But who knows? I don't
even know if I'm very pretty or attractive (I know I'm not
ugly) Oh well, who cares, whatever helps me get over D.
Also, I'm just trying to find a date for the prom. It would
be a dream to go with him, but I doubt it. Of course It'd be
a dream to go with anyone.

In other Heart of Tanglewood news, Nicole wasn't here today
(Woo-Hoo) I was acually glad cause I got to talk to Michael,
and I don't know if I would have been able to if she had been
there. She would have bugged me the entire time.

Oh gosh I know I'm going to be thinking about him the entire
week now. I probably won't ever see him again but I am so
happy to have gotten to talk to him.

Oh, another factor that helped was that JRDN wasn't here
(She's pretty) and he would have probably talked to her.