Evil Elvis
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2001-11-20 21:13:05 (UTC)

rampant ego-a-go-go!!!

Sometimes, people I don't know can piss me off so
much....People can be sooo selfish with other's time and
effort, if I were a violent man I would resort to violence
to stop them, but as I'm not all I can do is sit back,
smile and pity them....what a sad, shallow existence they
must lead to feel the need to run down everyone elses
opinion, slate what they say and generally just hang on the
coat-tails of others...

Anyway, these people can fuck right off and stop irritating
me like an insect bite on a WORLD CLASS ATHLETE (which I
most definitely am NOT!!)

Life is still pretty sweet, have managed to keep this up
for 4 whole days now, this must be a new record of Dave
happiness....I must say I could feel it slipping a bit
today, but again this was mostly caused by tiredness, other
people and stuff that was generally outwith my own
control...this is a golden age!!

New sounds abound too....Got the Rival Schools cd, Tomahawk
and Kids Near Water ep in the last few days (no I don't
actually have any money, yes I am spending my
expenses...c'est la vie..)

Rival Schools is ACE....kinda melodic post hardcore, with
little touches of Quicksand thrown in (surprise eh??)

Tomahawk is less bizarre than recent Patton outings, very
melodic actually and very reminiscent of King for a Day and
Album of the Year FNM to be honest...which is a good
thing :D

to be honest, Kids Near Water hasn't stood a chance against
these two, I've only spun the beast once...not as immediate
sounding as the first ep but will definitely get some more
playtime, cos it does sound very promising...

So there you go....a moan, some good vibes and some brief
snippets on what I'm listening to at the moment...Am I good
to you or what :)

Hope someone is still reading this, cos I typed it NAKED :)