.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-20 20:27:56 (UTC)

Time to grow up.

i was very confused and angry yesterday, i didnt know what
my emotions were telling me or what i was feeling. i guess
i was afraid that i may actually really care for a person.
im tired now and sexually tense, i need to calm down a
little, i talked to anne michelle about what was going on
between jim an i, and she clarified some of his feelings
toward me, so im in a much more positive mood, i tried to
call him since ive gotten home and i cant get him, maybe he
should have a diary that i can read so i can stop playing
he guessing game *wink wink*

so anyway, today was an ok day, slow but not to stressful,
ive been mildly depressed since last night but i have but
one day left of school untill a nice 5 day vacation to
clear my head...