2001-11-20 20:17:39 (UTC)


My last entry was written(typed) out of hurt and pain.
Here's the situation:

jlynlove (10:34:32 PM): leroy?
caddy_2001 (10:35:58 PM): yeah..whats up
caddy_2001 (10:36:07 PM):
jlynlove (10:35:17 PM): oh...i didn't think it was you
caddy_2001 (10:36:34 PM): who else would be under my name
jlynlove (10:35:47 PM): hell, i don't know
jlynlove (10:35:58 PM): how have you been?
caddy_2001 (10:37:22 PM): cool....and u....ready 2 come
jlynlove (10:36:44 PM): i'm doing alright
jlynlove (10:36:49 PM): ready for the break
caddy_2001 (10:37:55 PM): yeah i need it
caddy_2001 (10:39:53 PM): so whatcha been doing down
jlynlove (10:39:28 PM): working, thinking about schools i
might want to attend, and trying to make "senior memories"
caddy_2001 (10:41:04 PM): so what r your choices??

jlynlove (10:40:43 PM): i think i want to go to ga state my
first two years and then......man, i don't know
jlynlove (10:40:47 PM): i'm lost as hell
caddy_2001 (10:45:18 PM): lol....don't go 2 a black college
jlynlove (10:44:51 PM): why?
caddy_2001 (10:46:41 PM): cuz...u'll get distracted
caddy_2001 (10:46:57 PM): if u're around a bunch of white
peopel..u'll do your work
jlynlove (10:46:16 PM): ummm....maybe so
caddy_2001 (10:47:51 PM): well thats just my opinion..whats
r your plans for the break??
jlynlove (10:48:15 PM): well, thanksgiving is going to be
not traditional this year....my mother has to work and so
does jarez, so my brothers and i are going to eat at
cracklebarrel for thanksgiving....wish i knew how to cook a
turkey or something...it's going to be kind of weird
caddy_2001 (10:50:24 PM): I'm sorry but this is not Leroy
anymore but he is tryin to type a paper and he'll holla at
u later! Thanks-Cristin

WHAT THE FUCK!!!! WHO THE FUCK IS Cristin? Okay, that's
what made me mad. Why couldn't he have told me that he had
something to do? That's what made me get upset and hate him
so much. Honestly though, I don't hate him.....I just don't
have anything to say to him. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'll
talk to him(maybe) and he'll explain what happened....he'll
probably lie though. I was just left......speechless. I
mean, he told me that he had met someone up there. That
hurt me too when he told me, but I had to get over it. I
guess what makes me so mad about it is the fact what I've
known of Leroy is that his mind-state is "bitches come and
go" As time goes on, I see how much he's like the dudes I'm
sooooo NOT attracted to. He falls too quickly, something I
can't stand to see in a nigga. And from the lil
conversation I had with him, he's easy to run over too! I
mean, I don't know the whole situation. It could be totally
opposite of what I think. Who knows! But I'm starting to
see Leroy in a whole new perspective. Slowly it seems he
might forget where he's from. The Leroy I was head-over-
heels for wasn't that. But that's when he was here. Man, I
don't know. It would be sad to see him become like that.
But then again, I guess I couldn't feel anything about it
because he's just a boy from the country....now playing in
a big city. Just hope he knows not to burn the bridges he's
already crossed! *JOCELYN*