Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-11-20 20:05:41 (UTC)

Last day

The last day before Thanksgiving break is always so
hectic. I feel thi senormous sense of relief and calm
after being so tense for thae past few days. We had our
muscle test in Anatomy today, and if we labelled our body,
we were allowed to use ourselves as an aid on the test. So
of course I looked incredibly sexy... stirrup pants (does
anyone even remember what those are??) for the leg muscles,
boxers for the gluteal and pubis muscles, sweatshirt for
the arms, back and abdomin, and a stocking cap for the
head. I also had a calculus test today...eee!!...I really
hope I did well. I think I knew the material alright
(knock on wood), and I went to a study session yesterday
afternoon (it didn't hurt that Bryan was there... a little
quality bonding time over derivatives....), and Mrs. T is
supposed to e-mail me my grade after she scores it... wish
me luck!!!