Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-11-20 19:48:18 (UTC)

'Have you seen my comb?'

Or something like that.

I got very scared today. Bi people really REALLY scare
me. Like, okay, you cant say anything, promise? Okay,
like, remember that girl Ashley I told you about, the one
that was the battalion sergeant major? Well, she and
Linny, you may know Linny, the Greece girl, well like,
Linny asked her out. Ashley told me she just wanted
to 'fool around' with her, and Im like, yee gods!!! SAVE
ME!!! That junk is just wrong. Im now scared of her. Im
not homophobic, but that junk is just wrong. You dont do

Anyways, I miss Matt. Hes soooooooooooo sweet and cool and
awesome and like, my dream guy. I gotst to call him last
night. :-D I miss him. I cant wait to see him again. I
love him. Sooooo much.

Anyways, time to go, so Matt, Will, Mary, Libbs, Jess-- all
you guys who take time to read this-- I loves ya.