Life as I know it.
2001-11-20 19:35:06 (UTC)


Well Let's see what's been going on...I left off on friday
night...well friday Lindsay did have her party...and yes
ian was there too, didnt talk to him much, actually i was
taking mostly to my female friends and Justin....Justin is
such a cutie. Too bad he is only 19 and a friend of
melynda's cause i wuold have to snatch his ass up. I also
talked to ryan too, cause he's a nice boy, makes me laugh.
But whiklest i was drunk my roommate came down and is
like "uhh jenn, matt just stopped by looking for you" and
im like "yeah ok" but honestly dont tell me these kinda
things while im drunk cause i become obsessed...so an hour
later i call him when i get home, i go over there just to
sleep and stuff and i ended up getting kinda sick. but no
matter cause a few hours later he was puking his guts out
and still went to work, im impressed. Then a few days
later he im'd me but i was away, and then today i talked to
him and he is like "when are you leaving for break?" and im
like "in a few hours" and he is like "that sucks rebecca is
gone and i figured we'd have the house to ourselves for a
while" (rebecca is his roommate). And im liek "oh that
sucks" but left it at that, im not giving him any
indication of my feelings whatsoever. Cause mainly 1.
he'll fuck me over and 2. honestly i dont know my
feelings. Like Ian is coming back from grad school in
december and he was hinting that he would like to date and
shit and i do like him so that could be fun. And honestly
blah i dont nkow, i love him so much sometiems but i am
just sick sick sick sick sick sick of getting hurt, and the
fact that he doesnt respect me as much as he should cause
if he did he would like ask to date me again and not just
assume that us being together in whatever fucked up way we
are is good enough for me and makes me happy. cause it
doesnt. Anyway this probably wont be updated til monday
cause ill be home, and i do have internet access but so do
my parents and yeah thats all i need to do is have them
find this and freak out.

happy thanksgiving