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2001-11-20 19:11:58 (UTC)


It sucks to be sick. I am only sick because my STEP-
brother took the liberty of spreading all his germs all up
in my room while he was sick. Then when I confronted him
about being in my room, of course, he denied it. Oh well,
what am I going to do, it's not like his mom will yell at
him, he is a mamma's boy. I have to go work with my dad
today at the bar. The only good thing about going is that
I will get to see Zach and Jennifer. I haven't seen them
in like forever. I can't wait. I can't wait until
Thanksgiving break is over. The whole spending time with
my dad thing is torture. He said as soon as he sells the
bar he will get me my license and see about getting me a
car, then I won't be home ever, except to sleep. I miss my
best friend Samantha. I wish she were having more fun in
Michigan. Well, I have nothing else to say. bye

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