interesting me
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2001-11-20 18:08:53 (UTC)

talk to much???????

Thats right....I was told today that I talk to much. It
kinda bothered me. I dont really know why cuz most things
that Chris says dont bother me, but that really did. I
cant believe that he thinks that I talk to much. Maybe I
do, but at least I have something to say unlike some other
people that I know. Maybe it bothers me because I think
Chris knows me better then my own boyfriend. Andrew and I
dont talk that much, but we do. Its weird because before
we ever hooked up, we used to talk about the stupidest
shit, it didnt matter. But now its like we are all
serious. Not like marriage shit, but just not the same as
when we were just friends. And no it shouldnt be the same,
but it shouldnt be this weird. No I dont find it weird
that we are dating. I love this guy more then anything in
the world. Damn it...I dont even know how to explain it.
Well now that my life has got more complicated.......

Anyway, I havent heard anything about what is wrong with
Andrew, but I am really concerned and worried. I hope he
finds out soon.

I got up way early this morning and got some of the shit
done that mom has wanted to get done, but she doesnt have
time to do it. After she gets home from work we are on the
run til after dark. And then shes tired. So I figured
what the fuck Im up and bored I will just do it for her.

I went and talked to my old boss yesterday. She said that
she will pull my application herself, all I had to do was e-
mail some bitch where I used to work. (I think she is the
one that had to find my application). But I have to go
through the interview shit and then I will have my job
back. But they are in a bind and need me right now, so I
should be back to work pretty soon. Possibly Monday!!!!!!

But I so have to go and get ready for mom to get home so we
can take off again.

I love you Andrew more then anything.