little mind farts...
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2001-11-20 17:57:30 (UTC)

poetry shift

lightly i dance along with the wind in my hair

the gentle shifts blowing past me granting me sweet extasy

i try to run facing the blows of the wind and in the blurry
distance you stand there oh so solemnly

now instead of enjoying the light rain i push past to you

you don't see me fighting to get to never did

i am afraid that you never will...

nov. 20th

standing in front of me i am lost for words

you're sweet innocent beauty capitvates me and i am stuck
in it's thickness, wallowing in it

i turn over and over in it letting it coat every inch of me

in your eyes i long to swim

to swim away from this insanity...swim closer and closer to
your heart

i long for you to come to me and swim in my heavely bliss

come along and take me with you on your long mental

is that to much to ask?

embrace me and allow me to walk into your soul...i never
wanted to force my way in.
Nov. 20th