Lements of Madness and Depression
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2001-11-20 17:25:00 (UTC)

*rolls eyes*

ok im kinda in the weird season its one time of the year
that i end up getting like six girls liking me at once. its
also the time of the year for to make a really bad desision
and regret it for a good six months. *sigh* well thats life.
i still have a thing for dear miss ohilicia but ive kinda
given up for a bit ive told her my feelings and her the
same to me but she still wants to be with the guy shes
going out with. im not too sure why their ruining
eachothers lives. they both have become bitter, when he
does something really dumb bhe like instantly forgives him.
isnt kissing another girl cheating? to her standards it is
but yet its ok when he does annoying anyways, i
also have a new rekindling for someone i used to like and
now i learn gas never stopped liking me even tho she
treated me like crap for the longest time i gotta go i
didnt have much time to write so i might add more later