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2001-11-20 17:17:00 (UTC)

PlotCommentary for November 20, 2001

We are the Intramural Champions! Go Spike It! I got my
shirt delivered to me today. It's nothing that special, but
hey....we won. Our captain has been on the volleyball
championship team every year, which is really impressive.
Especially considering she has played on teams representing
various halls and you gotta play with someone new each time.

RAW lived up to all it's hype. The show sucked except for
the return of Lawler and the re-debut of Flair. They worked
Flair into things perfectly well. Flair is the 50% share-
holder of the WWF having bought Shane and Steph's stock
when they went over to buy WCW and the ECW.

Plot Prop of the Day: Emeka Okafor for getting a double-
double in an exhibition game and then getting 12 boards
against Vanderbilt in his debut as a UConn Husky. Emeka
went to elementary and middle school with me. He also
attended my Bar Mitzvah

So, today I am heading back home. I am not sure how much I
will update this thingy while I am home. I will try my best
to do some updating. I don't know if people realize that I
am updating my journal more often. Ever since the switch
over from being JasonPlotkin.com to TexasTerror.tripod.com,
the amount of visitors has dropped. Hopefully, I can turn
that around when I let more folks know about the change.

Plot Prediction of the Day: What is next for the WWF? Well,
Stephanie is gone and will come back when Triple H returns.
Shane on the other hand will probably return at the Royal
Rumble with a nWo faction featuring Hall, Nash and Steiner.
So predicatable, isn't it? I think I am gonna call this one.

I hope yall like the PlotProp, PlotPredictions and other
mishuganah I am throwing into these! Til then, good

The PlotShot

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