Love, Sex and College
2001-11-20 16:45:40 (UTC)

I am going home!

I am going home for Thanksgiving. My best friend Mollie is
picking me and Beth up around 4:30. I am so excited. It
will be good to get out of this place for 5 whole days, I
am not coming back until Sunday. It is going to be great. I
am really looking forward to seeing my family. And it will
be good to hang out with Mollie in the car. I also emailed
the kids I babysit for to hopefully be able to stop by in
the next few days to see them. I love those kids and would
love to see them. Hopefully, I will be able to. I wonder
how much Olivia and Josepd have grown. Well, it has only
been 3 months, its not like it has been forever. Well, I
better get dressed and finnish my work for my 12:45 class.
That is in an hour... well off I go.