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2001-11-20 16:37:38 (UTC)

pay the damn bill

Grr, no phone line 'cos my flatmate forgot to pay the phone
bill. Egit. I wrote an entry offline to paste in but it's
on my puter at home, I'm at work at the moment. I should
have finished at 3.30 but my car is being fixed (couldn't
be arsed to do it myself) so I have to wait for a lift home.

Painted my mobile phone which no looks like I wanted it
to. I'd better varnish it tho', otherwise it will all chip
off again. Dunno if it looks any good but it is certainly


It feels somehow wrong to paste in my entry that I wrote
the other night. Too much time has passed, and a diary is
a snapshot of the things that I'm feeling now. So you'll
never know what I was harping on about.

Scary things have happened recently. People are dying. I
know this happens a lot worldwide, but normally it doesn't
affect me. Shows how selfish I am huh? But a few weeks
ago a good friend of mine found out that her Dad had
terminal cancer and he died about two weeks after that. I
found out two days ago that one of my best friends has
found out that his Dad has 9 months to live. Cancer
again. What can I say? I said what I could which is the
usually shit things like "sorry to hear that" and "that's
really shit". There isn't actually anything I can do. and
these people are good friends of mine, people I really care
about. As I get older I get more scared of dying, imagine
what happens when you get to 50 odd, I'd be bricking it at
this rate. Can't remember who said it but this appears in
a computer game of all things: "A mans dying is more the
survivers affair that his own."

Perhaps he's right.

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