Hiro Protagonist

Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
2001-11-20 15:51:52 (UTC)

saag or green death

I went to an indian restaurant this evening for dinner. My
wife ordered butter chicken curry with garlic naan while I
tried the cheese saag curry with wheat roti. From what I
can gather, saag is a creamy spinach....concoction. While I
ASSUMED it would contain some sort of curry seasoning.
Well, it didnt, so I had creamy spinach with goats
cheese...It had a lot of faults.
Why do things that are obviously good for me taste like
utter shit?
Anyways, I did manage to eat it all... now I cant wait to
take a dump! Ill be so excited to see such a healthy loaf
floating in the toilet, I wont flush for a week!
Ill also do the "floaty shit" dance. That involves me doing
a jig around my bathroom chanting "floaty shit". Since I
dont eat health foods, I never have floaty loaves. All the
carbs and protein and grease make my cakes sink faster than
the asian economy.

Ahh, the relief