Delina Yusof

The Malay Dilemma
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2001-11-20 15:24:15 (UTC)

This mundane life.

The days of the week do not make sense to me anymore.
During the holidays, every day feels the same. It used to
be that what the TV shows serve as a calendar to remind me
but...TV sucks these days. I only look forward to
Wednesdays where they show Seinfeld and That 70's show but
with the rest of the week being a total blur, I only
realize that I missed Wednesday on Friday. It totally sucks.

I really can't stand that Buffy character. What's so great
about her anyway? She's got squirrel teeth and pathetic
eyes. These days people actually get credit for being ugly.
The rodent look is in.

Nouffer said "Hello Buffy!" when he called me just now. No,
no, no- I dont look ANYTHING like her. Which is a blessing.
But Nouffer just likes Buffy. I can't really figure out
why. His excuse is that "because she can kick butt."
Honestly, I think it's just because of HER butt.

And here I am, waiting for Freaky Links to start. They just
HAD to show Dark Angel after Buffy, didn't they? Two girls
who kick butt. But I give Jessica Alba the credit. She's a
babe. I would at least understand it if Nouffer likes her.
Not Buffy. Or maybe he does.

Nouffer has told me that he won't see me until Hari Raya.
That is like a month from now. He claims that he's flooded
with work school assignment. Whatever.

That lying sonofabitch Buang has been exposed. My parents
confronted him about all the money and expensive stuff he
has taken and he admitted to it. A pity I didn't quite get
the full thing cos I was eavesdropping. I never trusted
him, and detest the way my whole family believes every damn
thing he says. Apparently he took my mom's jewellery and
told her that he's gonna donate them in the name of my late
relatives or some shit like that. I can't believe my whole
family fell for that. I was the ONLY sceptic in the house,
and I guess now everybody understands why. Hahah. He can't
fool me. I'm too smart for that kinda hoodoo shit he's
spouting. Of course, they could have saved themselves a lot
of money if they'd listened to me.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if he really had tried to
swindle money from Rozli's family. My family didn't believe
them...and about what happened to's really sad if
he had mad Rozli and his family be in such a sorry state.
$30000 is no joke at all. If he really did do something to
them, he'd better undo it.

And if my family's gonna throw him out, I really won't stop
them. That means he has to take his mother with him. She's
okay, but she gets on my nerves. She's disgustingly dirty.
She spits like a dog. I hate it when I have to go to the
toilet after her. It's disgusting! Stinks to hell and there
goo everywhere. And she dares make my mom feel as if she
doesnt clean the house or change the bedsheets often
enough! She's the real smelly toad! I know my mom is crazy,
but only I get to say it- I hate it when she talks of my
mom like she's the most evil bitch on earth. Even if she
is, that old hag doesn't have ANY right to say it. She's
lucky that my mom let her stinking ass stay in this house.
Stop complaining!

Some people are just plain ungrateful. You do them good,
and what do you get in return? No, not NOTHING, but you get
loads of shit to clear up. By the way,that's my mom's
favourite line these days.